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If you are looking for a hearty pub meal and fabulous wine to pair with it, then you’ve come to the right place! At The Old Bakehouse Tavern, we provide exceptional lunch and dinner options.

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A proud history

The Old Bakehouse Tavern is your destination dining and drinking location in Williamstown. Our seasonal menu incorporates ingredients from the local Barossa Valley and we have an extensive selection of wines, beers and cocktails for you to enjoy.

As the team behind The Perch and Handcrafted Catering, we have utilised our experience in the Melbourne food scene to transform the historic Old Bakehouse Tavern into a restaurant that serves flavoursome and exciting dishes with the genuine country pub hospitality you know and love.
Our aim is to make delicious food, serve incredible drinks, and create an experience worth remembering.

The Dream Team!

We are no strangers to great food and wine. Originally from the Melbourne hospitality scene, we have worked across a wide range of restaurants, bars and catering before opening The Old Bakehouse Tavern. Previously, we have run successful businesses in Victoria, such as the boutique events and catering company, Handcrafted Catering, and Great Ocean Road fine dining establishment, The Perch in Lavers Hill. However, in early 2022 we decided that we were ready for a change! After travelling across the country, we soon decided that Williamstown would be the perfect place for our next venture.

We immediately fell in love with The Old Bakehouse Tavern, wowed by its impressive history, incredible location and versatile nature. It was clear that we needed to restore the venue to its former glory and become a dining destination loved by both locals and visitors alike. We’ve reopened the Tavern and created a restaurant and wine bar which honours the past while also providing something new and exciting.

We were inspired by the beauty of the Barossa Valley, the evolving food and wine scene, and the friendly locals. Using our wealth of experience in hospitality, we’ve created a restaurant that utilises some of the finest talent, ingredients and craftsmanship around Williamstown. The Old Bakehouse Tavern is a testament to our love for fantastic food, wonderful wines and creating premier dining experiences.

Being Old Never Looked So Good!

The Old Bakehouse Tavern has been carefully restored to maintain its historical magnificence without compromising on comfort or functionality. While the spirit of historical Williamstown and Tavern remains, our modern fit-out has everything you’d need for a perfect lunch or evening out.

You can try your luck in our gaming room or enjoy those warmer nights out in our beer garden. Relax in the cocktail lounge by the fire as you sample our well stocked bar. No visit to The Old Bakehouse Tavern is complete without trying our signature cocktail – the Bakehouse Carnival.

While we are serious about our service and our great food, The Old Bakehouse Tavern provides an enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere so you can unwind and have fun with your friends and family. Regardless of whether you want to celebrate your special event, catch up with someone or simply enjoy a delicious meal, you can do it at The Old Bakehouse Tavern!

Over 170 years of history



The Old Bakehouse Tavern was built by Ben Smith and first opened as a Butcher shop and Grocer.


The Bakehouse had a new owner, Mr Winton. He erected a large oven out the back and created a Bakery. It ran as a Bakery for 80 years under different owners. We have restored this original oven back to working condition and have named it Mr Winton in honour.


The Bakehouse was then home for multiple different types of businesses and services, including a Solicitors Office, a Fish & Chip Shop, a second hand clothing store for the Church of Christ and then the base for the local Meals and Wheels service.


The building was renovated in an effort to restore it to its original condition and then was converted into a “Wine Bar”.


The Old Bakehouse Tavern was leased by Dave & Susie Piper, who revamped it and re-opened the building as a Tavern and Restaurant.


Under Dave & Susie’s ownership, The Old Bakehouse Tavern upgraded its licence to a ‘Hotel Licence’ and Gaming Machines were installed. The interior walls were removed to open up the inside of the restaurant, and the veranda had a makeover along with the toilet block.


Dave and Susie Piper purchased the Freehold, and gave the building another renovation. Which included the front and back of the property, installing a new kitchen, two cold rooms and freezer room, office and a private residence.


The Beer Garden, Kitchen and Car Park were given another renovation.


Dave and Susie Piper sold the Freehold to Mary Birnie and the business to Ventureholics Pty Ltd.

The Barossa Valley Region

The Barossa Valley and Adelaide Hills regions offer more than fantastic wines, you’ll also find exceptional specialty breads, cheeses, aristinal honey, sweets and locally cured meats sold in farmer markets and independent grocers.

There’s also plenty to explore in Williamstown! The Whispering Wall is a wonder to both small and big kids alike, with the unique acoustic effects making the dam a must visit. Dive into the history of the region by visiting the Barossa Goldfields. Then top off a fantastic day with a visit to The Old Bakehouse Tavern!

We’re excited by the exceptional talent and craftsmanship within Williamstown. We always look to work with local suppliers to source high quality ingredients which make our delicious, rustic food! The majority of our ingredients and drinks are sourced locally, from wines, vingeras, honey, to a range of small goods. Even our furniture is artisan! You can sit on our custom wine barrel furniture, which was created by local craftsman Corey, in our Beer Garden.

How To Find Us

We’re conveniently located in the heart of Williamstown on Queen street! Come drop by for a drink or book a table and enjoy a meal with us. Everyone’s invited to The Old Bakehouse Tavern – we are proud to be dog friendly!

Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the Barossa Valley and how far is it from Adelaide?

The Barossa Valley is about an hour’s drive from South Australia’s capital city, Adelaide. Located northeast of the city, this relaxed drive has captivating views with undulating hills and wineries.


How do I get to the Barossa Valley from Adelaide?

You can get to the Barossa Valley from Adelaide via car, public transport, bike, or as part of a tour.

Travelling via car is one of the easier options for getting to the Barossa Valley, and also gives you the freedom to explore surrounding regions. You can hire cars from Adelaide Airport – from there, the journey is a short 1-1.5 hour drive depending on if you prefer the scenic or direct route. We advise booking your car hire in advance in case it’s the busy season.

The only disadvantage of hiring a car is that if you want to have some drinks at the local wineries, a designated driver will of course be required.

Alternatively, you can also reach the Barossa Valley by public transport. Just catch the Adelaide Metro train from Adelaide Railway Station to Gawler Central before hopping on the 810 bus route to Nuriootpa via Lyndoch and Tanunda. Although public transport is available 365 days a year, bus transfers aren’t very often, so it’s best to check the timetable prior to leaving.

The Barossa Valley is also accessible from Adelaide by bike. The journey is about 40 kilometres, which would take roughly two hours depending on your cycling speed. The ride is beautifully scenic and is one way of really taking in the surroundings.

Lastly, you can join a tour or hire a driver to take you through the Barossa Valley. This is a popular option for people wanting to go on winery tours and not wanting to worry if they’re over the legal limit for alcohol intoxication.


Is the Barossa Valley worth visiting?

The short answer is yes! With many wineries across the region, the Barossa Valley produces some of the best wines in Australia. However, the Barossa is known for so much more than just wine. There are many must-see spots and must-do activities, whether you’re visiting as a couple, a family or a group of friends.


Should I visit the Barossa Valley or the Adelaide Hills?

The Adelaide Hills are only 20 minutes drive from Adelaide, so as the closest wine region this may be ideal for some visitors. The Adelaide Hills wine region is renowned for its white wines, mainly Sauvignon Blancs and Chardonnays. For lovers of reds, the Adelaide Hills pinot noir is a must-try. There are a variety of activities to enjoy in the Adelaide Hills suitable for the family, couples and friends.

On the other hand, the Barossa Valley is about an hour’s drive from Adelaide and is perfect for those who want to visit the big-name wineries situated in stunning chateaus. The Barossa Valley is one of Australia’s oldest and most famous wine regions and a popular tourist spot. It is known for its bold shiraz, but it also produces a variety of wines to suit all tastes.

If you prefer the destination wineries, then the Barossa Valley is for you, but if you’re after a more intimate setting, Adelaide Hills is your go-to. If these both sound up your alley and you’re finding it hard to decide, there are plenty of joint wine tours that visit both regions available.


Where are the Adelaide Hills?

The Adelaide Hills is a 20-minute drive east of Adelaide. It is home to some of the best food, wine and landscapes in all of South Australia. With its close proximity to the capital city, it’s a popular destination for families, couples and friends.


Where should I go for lunch or dinner in Adelaide Hills?

The Old Bakehouse Tavern of course! Situated between the Adelaide Hills and Barossa Valley region, the Old Bakehouse Tavern is perfect for winery tour lunches, dinner stop-offs and everything in between. We’ve got everything on our menu, from classic pub favourites to modern meals inspired by the delicious produce of the surrounding location. Rated as one of the best restaurants in the region and created by the makers of The Perch and Handcrafted Catering in Victoria, we’re proud to say our restaurant, wine and cocktail bar, event function holder and pub truly has it all.


Getting from Adelaide Hills to the Barossa Valley:

You can get from Adelaide Hills to the Barossa Valley by three modes of transport: car, taxi or public transport. The drive is about an hour, so a taxi may be an expensive way of getting around. Alternatively, you could hire a driver for the day to drive you to and from the wineries and attractions of the region, and is perfect for bigger groups. Driving a hire car is of course the cheapest option, but of course, this means there has to be a designated driver.