Dave and Susie Piper sold the Freehold to Mary Birnie and the business to Ventureholics Pty Ltd.


The Beer Garden, Kitchen and Car Park were given another renovation.


Dave and Susie Piper purchased the Freehold, and gave the building another renovation. Which included the front and back of the property, installing a new kitchen, two cold rooms and freezer room, office and a private residence.


Under Dave & Susie’s ownership, The Old Bakehouse Tavern upgraded its licence to a ‘Hotel Licence’ and Gaming Machines were installed. The interior walls were removed to open up the inside of the restaurant, and the veranda had a makeover along with the toilet...


The Old Bakehouse Tavern was leased by Dave & Susie Piper, who revamped it and re-opened the building as a Tavern and Restaurant.